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Who We Are

Robyn Braley
Robyn Braley
Meg Braley
Meg Braley


Braley Music represents the music of Robyn Braley, Meg Braley and co-writers like Jerry Proppe, Jessica Roy and Trevor Waters. Meg & Robyn Braley have many years of experience as performers, television artists, concert promoters, album producers, and songwriters.

They began writing songs in 1973 while with the group New Dawn. They continued writing music for albums, TV/Videos, and commercial jingles.

  • Traveled 23 years as a duet ministry
  • Recorded 11 albums.
  • Music producers and regular artists on the TV show, "To You…With Love" with Allan Dunbar, which was on air for 18 years
  • Executive Director of major concert series the "Sounds of Joy" with artists like Sandi Patti, Steve Green, The Cathedrals and many others.

Unimark Creative Group

Braley Music is part of the UniMark Creative Group.  UniMark Creative provides complete branding and communications services. The public relations side of the company works with a variety of companies and organizations. (more)

Award Nominations:

SG Song of the Year:  Goin' Down to the River
   Writer: Robyn Braley
   Artist: The Sounds of Grace

SG Song of the Year:  Awesome Sight
   Writer: Meg Braley
   Artist: The Sounds of Grace

Best Video: We Come To Pray
   Writer: Robyn Braley, Jerry Proppe, Meg Braley
   Artist: Tracie Athanasius

SG Song of the Year: Fully Alive
   Writer: Robyn Braley
   Artist: The Sounds of Grace

Public Relations Award
   Team lead for two projects awarded the Rotary International PR Award

Braley Music, 119 Manora Hill NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2A 4R8
Phone: 403.280.1093 • Fax: 403-280-1093 • Email:
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